The First 7 Tools Every Kid Should Learn to Use

by Jessica Jones

Jan 20, 2023 3 minute read

The First 7 Tools Every Kid Should Learn to Use

Anybody who’s spent some time around kids knows that they are very thirsty for new experiences. To satisfy that curiosity, you can introduce these seven DIY tools and teach them valuable life skills. This way, you get to spend some quality time with them and show them a new way to practice their creative thinking – and who knows, you might be unleashing a hidden talent!

Disclaimer: Please make sure to use these tips and tools with the proper preparations and safety guidelines recommended by the tool manufacturers for age-appropriate use.

1. Tape Measure
A tape measure should be everyone’s first tool. It’s great for any age and can be used to teach basic math as well as the importance of accuracy. Hence the saying; “Measure twice and cut once”. Give your child a shorter tape measure (8' to 12') that’s light and easier to pull and helps to get familiar with numbers and mathematics. Watch them measure your whole house and enjoy this fun activity together.

2. Hammer
Kids LOVE smacking things, so they will love hammers. Just be sure that it's something light enough to handle but heavy enough to be effective for your “lessons”! And make sure you prepare the tasks. For example, predrill a few holes so they can get the hang of things easily and figure out the correct technique. Start them young! And raise a self-reliant kid!

3. Ladder
Have you ever had the urge to climb trees when you were a child? Perhaps you are one of those “lucky” kids who get to climb many! But yes, most kids like to climb. Trees look like very fun challenges! And knowing how to use a ladder will help everyone get there faster. As with all tools, correct setup is critical for safety. Teach your children to place the ladder on a firm, level surface away from doors and windows. Ensure it extends at least 3 feet past the supporting branch. Teach them how to check the ladder is leaning at the correct angle by standing at the base of the ladder.

4. Screwdrivers
Any toolbox, including your kid’s as well, is incomplete without a set of screwdrivers. Teach your kids how to use this most essential of tools! Give your kids a broken appliance, and watch them glow with joy as they take it apart and try to put it all back together. The lesson here isn't about repairing the item but learning how all the pieces fit together.

5. Cordless drill
A cordless drill is a versatile tool and is one of the safest. Your kids can use it for many things from building a birdhouse to hanging pictures. You can teach them how to use this tool to pre-drill holes, and later drive screws all the way in. They will also learn how to position themselves correctly and how much weight to press down. It will come in handy in many situations in the future!

6. Flashlight
This might seem pointless but, you might not know how to use it until you are taught. An LED flashlight is a utility tool that is necessary for working at night or looking for something at the cupboards under the stairs. Having your kid help you by holding a flashlight while you finish a project or when you are looking for something in a dark cupboard is great fun for them. It keeps them involved, it teaches them teamwork, how to point with accuracy, and how to communicate the angles that work best.

7. Coping Saw
Before your kids are old enough to use a power saw safely, start them out with a coping saw. It's lightweight and can be used to demonstrate sawing with yardsticks or pine boards. Coping saws have thin and narrow blades, which makes them highly maneuverable. The blades are easy to change and this tool can stay in a child's toolbox into adulthood.

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