Are You Ready to Garden?

by Jessica Jones

Jan 20, 2023 5 minute read

Are You Ready to Garden?

Last Saturday, I went out and walked to the nearest grocery store for my weekly shopping, and it was only 10 minutes in then I realized that I forgot my jacket at home – and you know what’s even better? The realization that I wasn’t even feeling cold!

The days are getting longer and warmer, the bare branches of the trees begin to develop new buds and shoots, and oh, I’m sneezing a lot more too. And this only means one thing: Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

And since Winter is over, it’s time to do something about the garden. Some of you may already have started with seedings or propagation indoors, or removing rubbish from your garden. Some of you may have never done gardening before and are planning to finally take it seriously this year. Well, this is the perfect month for it – so perfect that April is in fact National Garden Month!

President Reagan signed a proclamation in 1986 to designate a week in April as National Garden Week. The celebrations have been so popular and so successful that, decades later, the National Gardening Association in 2002 extended it to encompass the entire month.

Gardening offers countless benefits to people as well as nature. It gives us the opportunity to be out in the sun more and soak up vitamin D, which is so important to our immune system. It improves not only our physical health but our mental health as well. As little as ten minutes in a natural space can offer a mental reset, therefore, spending more time with plants and soil can improve mood, lower stress levels and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Don’t have your own garden? Join your community garden! Community gardens certainly bring people together and allow local residents to engage in physical activities, create social tie, learn new skills, and discover new interests.

Here are a few helpful tips before you start digging and growing, and make the most out of the sunshine:

1. What Plants Should I Choose for My Garden?

Do you want to grow vegetables and herbs? Do you want botanicals and flowers in your garden? Or all of the above? Well, you might have to do some research and consider a few things before you head to the garden center.

Do you have a sunny garden? Or is it mostly in shades? Some plants need a lot of sun and some get burnt easily.

Then some plants are friends and they are beneficial for each other, while some others should not be planted together. For example, cucumbers dread to have aromatic herbs such as rosemary, basil and sage as neighbors, while planting mint in pots and place them around your veggies will repel flea beetles and ants.

Do you have pets? Some flowers are toxic to your dogs and cats and it’s important that you make sure your current or future garden is a safe place for your furry friends.

2. Decorate your garden

Our garden is an extension of our home, where we can host friends and family and enjoy some nice weather and fresh air. There are so many ways you can add colors, beauty and character to your garden. Get a bird feeder, or place a few garden accessories here and there. Add new garden furniture as well as some hanging flower baskets around your garden.

Decorating your garden doesn’t need to cost your bank, explore your local second-hand shops or take a look at Facebook Marketplace or eBay.

On the other hand, if you do need some help with the bigger tasks, Fixlers are here to help! Do you need some help with laying a patio? Perhaps you notice a broken fence at the end of the garden and it needs replacing? Or maybe it’s finally time to do something about those overgrown ivy and you have to trim it back a bit? Let us know, and click here to book your local FixlerPro!

3. Dress the Part and Take it Easy!

If you love your garden, you might say, “oh, I can easily spend all day in the garden, from morning till the sun is set” – but this is not recommended! To protect yourself from the heat, gardening early in the morning or late in the day is preferable. To avoid overheating and sunburn, make sure you stay hydrated, and wear lightweight clothing, sunscreen, and a hat.

Keep your phone nearby in case you begin to feel poorly. You may not need it but it’s a good precaution. Remember to take breaks for a cool beverage. Sit in the shades, admire your work and plan your next steps.

4. Get Your Friends or Kids Involved

Gardening is a great way to get your kids outside, away from the television, the computer and the iPads! Teach them about the different plants, get your hands dirty together, and it will be the most rewarding experience for all of you to see your plants growing in the following months!

You can also look up educational events, seed swaps and plant sales hosted by garden centers in your local area. You may also enjoy a trip to an arboretum or botanical garden. If you have plants that need dividing, offer them to your neighbors, friends, and family and spread the joy of gardening!


5. Should I Start My Own Compost?

Now depending on where you live and how enthusiastic you want to be, it is possible to compost all the organic waste matter created by you and your family. If your local council doesn’t collect your food waste yet, nag them. The issues with landfill aren’t going anywhere! To learn about how to start composting at home, read this.

6. Write it All Down

Grab a pen and a notebook, and start writing! Write down your to-do list for the garden, e.g., what needs fixing or replacing? What items would you like to add? Joint down all the dates and locations of the events that you are interested to go to this spring and summer! Also, what is the name(s) of that plant again that’s been sitting on your bookshelf for the last two years? Find out, and you might learn something new. Are there any plants that need repotting, dividing, replanting?

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