Changing the way chores and service calls get done.

Our platform takes the headache out of finding services for your car, home, or office. Create a job request on the Fixlers marketplace and connect to a qualified FixlersPro ready to help. Pay and get paid by project milestones to keep every job on track. Plus - we take care of the details (like scheduling, payment, and communication) right in the app.

Supporting our pros. Protecting our users.

Fixlers is here to help our users, pros, and FixCrew make the most of their time.


Everyone deserves a handyman they can trust. We provide high-quality, reliable, and accountable services to our clients—for jobs big and small.


Our platform is built on the idea that hard work deserves a fair pay, and we are committed to protecting our FixlersPros efforts and reputation.


We keep quality standards high by connecting expert mentors on the FixCrew to our FixlersPros out in the field with virtual workshops, job troubleshooting, and guidance.

Founder’s story

Fixlers was born as a platform to take the drama out of getting our to-do list done, with fair-priced jobs and a third-party guarantee. But our story starts with a simple pair of bookshelves. In 2018, Fixlers founder Dov Breuer bought a set of bookshelves and figured he’d get around to assembling them soon. After weeks passed, Dov decided it was better to hire a pro to get that pesky job done. He called a handyman, scheduled a time, and waited. A few no-shows, pricing miscommunications, and missed phone calls later—Dov knew that the small jobs industry was ready for an upgrade.

Dov Breuer

Better for clients

Get more jobs done right

Need a job done in your home, office, or car?
Find your go-to pro with Fixlers

Find service on your schedule with Fixlers. Sign up, create your project request, and book a Fixlers service in minutes. Protect your project—and your privacy—with communication, payment, and scheduling done right in the app. It’s the easier, faster, and more guaranteed way to get your to-do list done. Plus: FixlersPro’s are screened and background-checked to keep you and your project safe.

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Better for pros

Get more jobs when you want them.

If you’re a licensed technician or handy with your tools, Fixlers helps you earn more money on your own time—nights, weekends, or when everyone else is watching the game.

Apply as a FixlersPro, add your expertise and abilities, set your availability, and take on projects when you want them. FixlersPros are screened and background-checked to keep you and our clients safe

Better for experts

Get more for your expertise.

At Fixlers, we believe in the value of mentorship.

The FixCrew is an exclusive Fixlers community where industry experts share insights, advice, and project troubleshooting for our FixlersPros in the field. FixCrew contributions are rewarded with cash prizes, cool rewards, and a place to network with pros as skilled as you are. Apply today to join FixCrew and start earning rewards with your expertise.

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